Electrical design

A consistent, clear, understandable and complete documentation of your system is our goal. All information we provided obvious with your logo and your address so that you may occur according to your corporate identity. In our modern CAD / CAE systems, we create your production documents:Aufbauplan

  • Wiring diagrams
  • Terminal diagrams
  • Panel arrangements
  • Bill of Materials
  • Cable lists
  • Link lists
  • Overviews

All lists are available in all standard electronic formats, or like in printed form, so you can process the information directly. We are planning equipment that performs their tasks perfectly and they still remain cost effective. Since we are vendor independent, we carry your equipment to meet your requirements or the desires of your customers.

CAE-System E3.series

The hardware documentation we create with the CAE system E3.series. You get your plans as usual as print out, either in standard formats. Of course, we pass the CAE files also as export files, eg in DXF format.

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