Project management

Our strengths: Years of international experience in managing projects. Here, among other projects in the synthetic fiber industry in the U.S. and Ireland, modernization of old plants in Italy. Handling of large and small projects, even in areas of the project only, such as quality assurance through visits and inspections of your suppliers, cabinet testing, functional testing of your systems, commissioning the world and of course create your production documents. To support the planning, we rely on the proven program Microsoft ® Project. So also you can always keep track of your project and can get a good impression on the current status. Plan

Quality Assurance

On your behalf we will visit your suppliers to ensure the production status and quality of products. So we can respond at the very beginning of a project on quality issues and supply bottlenecks. Through regular visits to your suppliers, we shall continuously help to improve your production processes documentation Based on the design documents, we build your system documentation in German and English, of course, with your company logo. We take your wishes into consideration. You get the documentation in PDF format, as Microsoft ® Office file or on CD, as you need.

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